It’s Sunday – Are You Praying For Your Pastor?

photo-2I hate to admit this … it’s very humbling in fact.  And even takes courage on my part to ‘put it out there’.  I was raised in a church that did a GREAT job of teaching me that daily time with Jesus (a ‘quiet time’ as we called it) was vitally important to a growing spiritual life.  I’m so glad I was taught that because it is true.  Sometimes you want to read scripture and pray, sometimes you don’t, but none the less … doing it daily is vital if you want to have a growing relationship with God.  Since I did my best to do that every day of the week, I somehow told myself that Sundays were ‘break’ days.  Since I was about to get up and go to church, I didn’t need to have a quiet time that morning.  No one ever told me to believe that or do that, somehow, I just thought it was okay to skip my quiet time on Sundays because I was going to church that day.


THAT IS SOOOOOO NOT TRUE!  Listen to this …  More

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 18: Loneliness in Church


Let’s just be honest: Sometimes we feel lonely in church.  Unfortunately, that’s just a true statement.  Regardless of church size, it’s actually very easy to feel alone in church.  It’s easy to walk in, sit and listen and just get up and walk out without ever really talking to anyone.  Sometimes this is nice.  There’s security in being anonymous.   No one has to really get to know you, learn all about your junk or hurt you.  Sometimes you just don’t even know what to say to someone.  Depending on where you sit you might say hi to some of the same people every week, but you don’t really go deep with them.  That can change, if you want it to.  There are some really very practical things you can do to make your Sunday morning church experience a different one.  Here’s what I do:


31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 13: Worship

Today is Sunday.  It’s a day of corporate worship.  Where we gather together in churches all across the world and worship God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Spirit and Truth.

At least I hope that’s what today is for you.   More

3 Year Anniversary for North Village Chruch

About 3 years ago, my husband and I started North Village Church in Austin, Texas.  Michael says he always had a desire to start a new church.  Most of my desires start and stop with food, rest and play.  Luckily, by God working in me, He gives me desires for the things of Him.  He gives me a desire to know Him.  To change and be different for Him.  To not just pursue my own pleasures, but the pleasures of Him. That really is supernatural, folks.

Well, about 5 years ago, the Lord brought Michael and I’s hearts together in this area and we started down the road of planting a church.


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