31 Days: Let’s Just be Honest Day 30: Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement.  Do you know what it means?

acceptance of the truth or existence of something; the action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something

Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior?  If you do, the very first time you met Him you submitted your life to Him.  To His rule, His reign, His Lordship, His supremacy, His power, His authority.  Sounds heavy, doesn’t it?  When it happens though, it’s freeing.  It’s usually a culmination of realization that you cannot handle this life on your own, your ways aren’t working, nor should they because you have no authority over this life.  Your eyes and heart have been opened by the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal all truth to you (John 16:13); The Truth is: you need saving.  You need Jesus to wash all your sin away and bring you back into a right relationship with God.  And you submit your life to that.  To Him. Trusting that what He did by dying for you on the Cross will do just that.


Acknowledgement is doing a form of that every day in prayer.   More

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 6: Constant Prayer Resource

One of the things I mentioned on Day 3 was the element of prayer and how important it is in the waiting process.  It is an active, highly important part of the process.
I Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray without ceasing”.  Do you do that?  Let’s Just Be Honest: I don’t characterize my spiritual walk as one that is filled with continual, unceasing prayer.  HOW are we to pray without ceasing?  How do we do that?  I think part of it is a training of our hearts and minds.  I just bought a new book that is a 10 week devotional on prayer; it’s called Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore. More

Ah-Ha moment #3

I’ve been reading Made to Crave.  Have you heard of it? It’s a devotional that was recommended to me by a friend through my YouVersion Bible app.  (YouVersion is a great, free bible app.  Just download it, create a profile, search ‘food’ and start the Made to Crave reading plan.  This plan is adapted from the book written by Lysa TerKeurst wrote.) It’s a 21-day reading challenge and it is really great.

This devotional has given me my Ah-ha Moment #3 … (you can read about moments 1&2 here).


Books on Prayer

Do you have books on prayer that you love? I have a few that I just keep handy and use a lot. Two of them are by Stormie O’Martin: The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Mother.

To be honest, sometimes in my prayer life, I run out of words.  I want to pray for my husband, my marriage, and my children, but I don’t know what to pray for.  More

A Thankful Heart

I get tired of my heart sometimes.  I wrote in June that I am trying to live with a more thankful attitude.  I love writing the things in my daily life that bring me joy, but really More

Humility & Prayer – Books!

I’ve just recently come off of reading an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. book.  It’s titled Humility: True Greatness, by C.J. Mahaney.  I don’t read tons of books.  I like to read, but finding time between, kids, house, working, friends, meetings and indulging in other guilty pleasures like Southern Living magazine, sometimes it’s hard!!!  I love it when people talk about getting into bed at night and reading a chapter before they fall asleep.  I think that’s awesome!!!  Why, you ask? Because when my head hits the pillow and I take that first deep breath … I’m out like a light!!!  It really is a gift and a curse!

When you come off a great book, don’t you just feel like it will be forever before you read another great one?  Well, I follow this blog called Warrior Prayers.  From what I’ve read on her blog and have seen in her posts, she, simply speaking, seems to be a mom who loves her boys beyond belief and is reconciled to the fact that the best thing she can do for them is be a prayer warrior for her young warriors.  How great is that?!  Well, right now, she is reading a book called A Praying Life, by Paul E. Miller.  After reading this short excerpt from A Praying Life, I know I have to read this book.  It’s on my next book order list :).

What are you currently reading that you love?  What is God using right now to change your heart and life for the better?

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