It’s Sunday – Are You Praying For Your Pastor?

photo-2I hate to admit this … it’s very humbling in fact.  And even takes courage on my part to ‘put it out there’.  I was raised in a church that did a GREAT job of teaching me that daily time with Jesus (a ‘quiet time’ as we called it) was vitally important to a growing spiritual life.  I’m so glad I was taught that because it is true.  Sometimes you want to read scripture and pray, sometimes you don’t, but none the less … doing it daily is vital if you want to have a growing relationship with God.  Since I did my best to do that every day of the week, I somehow told myself that Sundays were ‘break’ days.  Since I was about to get up and go to church, I didn’t need to have a quiet time that morning.  No one ever told me to believe that or do that, somehow, I just thought it was okay to skip my quiet time on Sundays because I was going to church that day.


THAT IS SOOOOOO NOT TRUE!  Listen to this … 

Every day I don’t engage Jesus on a personal level — every moment of every day I don’t do that is ‘lost’, in a sense, to the flesh.  I need Jesus all the time.  Even on a Sunday morning when I’m about to go to church.  What I love about spending time with Jesus on a Sunday morning now is that my time is always somewhat focused on my upcoming church experience.

This morning, for example, I did some of my ‘normal’ quiet time stuff … I read in Isaiah 9 and then in Galatians 3 & 5, trying to understand ‘walking in the spirit’ a bit better.  But then I started praying for my heart to be engaged by the Holy Spirit this morning and for my heart to engage the local church, the people of North Village Church.

In praying for my own heart: What will God teach me today? What will He do in my heart?  Will He reveal Sin and it be hard or make me sad?  Will I be encouraged in some way by the truth shared?  These are all things I pray and ask God.  I ask Him to help my heart with whatever He has for me.  Our church does not start until 10 AM, but I like to get there at 9:30 for prayer, so I pray about the kids not fighting and getting out the door on time.  I pray for a peaceful morning and that I’d be okay even if everything goes crazy haywire and that I would not lose my temper and yell.

In praying for the church: I pray for our worship team and their hearts to be in a place to lead us into worshiping Jesus.  I pray for everyone getting there early to set up and all the technical stuff they have to worry about.  I pray for their hearts to work hard for Jesus and then to sit and change from working into receiving what the Lord has that morning for them.  I pray for everyone who could possibly come to our church that morning.  I pray they wake up and desire Jesus.  I pray against Satan trying to stop them from coming to fellowship with a body of believers.

In praying for the pastors: I pray for the teaching of God’s Word.  That the Holy Spirit will fill him and come upon Him with His power — the same power that raised Jesus from the dead — we need that power to transform lives this morning.  I pray the utterances of His words will be all Jesus.  All the Holy Spirit.  I pray he is anointed with truth as the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth (John 16:13).  I pray for salvation; that as He speaks, people will be cut to the heart and see their need for Jesus and be saved just like in Acts 2.

Will you pray with me?  Will you pray these same things with me?  For North Village Church and for your church?  God has to show up and sustain His Church.  Expect God to do great amazing things in your heart and in the heart of your church body this morning.

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

Praying like  this before church on a Sunday morning is truly important.  It prepares your heart to be used by the Holy Spirit in ministering to others.  When you arrive at church, you’re now more in a place of selflessness — to see that God is using you in His church.  Your heart is ready to be used by God instead of more so being in a place of consumerism in the church, just taking from it what you want and moving on with your day.

Who can you speak a word of encouragement to this morning at church? Who can you go up to and pray for this morning at church?  Who is the Holy Spirit leading you to chat with?  After preparing your heart in the morning beforehand, you’re now able to be used by Him for a great work.

Go forth, this morning and worship the Lord — in your own home and living room, before you even step foot into the doors of your church!!!

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