No Fasting on Sundays

photo-2Did you know it is a part of the Lenten tradition to NOT fast on Sundays?  I had no idea!  The reason?  We treat every Sunday like a Mini-Easter.  We celebrate His resurrection.  So how do we have a Mini-Easter celebration every Sunday?  I have a few suggestions … 

1. Go to church.  It sounds simple, but really, you should.  It makes a world of difference.  I grew up going to church on a regular basis.  I developed a love for the church, for being in church, for hearing church music, for sitting and listening to scripture being taught.  There is a discipline to it.  I totally get it.  My son was sick on a Saturday night a few weeks back and I got it.  I stayed home that Sunday and just knocked stuff out.  I cooked, I cleaned, I did laundry, I watched a show and I relaxed.  I had about 4 hours on a Sunday morning that I usually don’t have.  And you know what, I totally got it.  I know why it is soooo easy to just stay home on a Sunday morning, especially when our Saturdays are usually so busy.  So make it a priority.  Schedule it in your calendar maybe even from 30 minutes prior to church starting so you can arrive on time to an hour after it is over so you can enjoy lunch with some family or friends.  🙂  Just schedule it.  Make it a priority.  Commit to being there and go.

2.  Ask yourself this question: Is there anything you can do to your Saturday or Saturday nights to help ensure you’ll actually get up and come to church on Sundays?  Can you cut back on some things?  Can you make Friday your late night and Saturday an earlier one so you’ll not be as tired on a Sunday morning? I’m sure there are other suggestions that I haven’t though of, but just give it a short thought … what would make a difference for you?

3. On your way to church, listen to worship music and/or pray.  It will help prepare your heart for what God wants you to hear that morning.  A lot of times we walk into church on a Sunday morning and there is SO MUCH that has filled up our hearts over the past week that we don’t have room for God or what He’s trying to say to us/teach us.  So we need to make room.  Here’s how I make room for Jesus on a Sunday morning:  I pray and listen to worship music.  I pray about my heart, the condition of it, what I like about my life/day/moment right then and what I don’t like, I’ll surrender my emotions, circumstances and feelings to Him and sit in a place of trust and contentment with where He has me and what I’m going through.  This makes a HUGE difference for me on a Sunday morning.  I can then walk into church thinking about God, what He’s doing and what He has for me this morning; instead of walking in crazed from the morning and frustrated with my life around me.

Will you join me  in these Sunday mini-Easter celebrations as we head through the Lenten season?  What if you committed to being in church every Sunday from now through Easter Sunday.  Give it a try and see the difference it makes in your spiritual life.  Commit your Sundays to Him.  It will be great 😉

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