What Tickles Him-2?


I am sure you have all heard of the book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.  This book explains 5 specific areas that each of us love to have people do for us-areas that make us feel loved & appreciated.  This is being stroked in a way in which we understand & enjoy.  These areas consist of:

·       Acts of Service

·       Gifts

·       Physical Touch

·       Quality Time

·       Encouraging Words

We all have one or more of these areas that make us feel most loved. So, in other words, if your husband is most loved through:

  •  Acts of Service:  If this is your husband’s love language, then remember that your acts of service need to be done outside the norm…doing something that he usually does like washing the car, mowing the yard, etc.  This is “I Love You” in action.
  • Gifts: The size of gift to a person who loves to receive is not important.  The gift itself shows concern.  The gift should be impromptu, not expected, and can actually be homemade or something as simple as a favorite candy bar.
  • Physical Touch/Closeness:  Physical Touch lovers enjoy back rubs, hand holding having their hair played with and big hugs.  These people can believe someone is upset with them if they do not have touch.  Babies who are held, kissed and hugged develop a healthier emotional life than those who go long periods of time without physical contact.  So, touch is important to all of us.  Closeness looks a little different.  You don’t really have to talk or touch, you just need to be in the same place.  Just knowing the other person is there is enough to confirm affection, caring and love.
  • Quality Time: This equals undivided attention.  Focus on listening with the intent of finding the feelings behind his words.  Listen more than you talk, maintain eye contact and try not to do anything else (like fold clothes, sort mail, etc.).
  • Encouraging Words: To these husbands, words are precious whether spoken or written.  Encouraging words make their faced light up.  Words need to be sincere, kind, humble, and encouraging.  Give a call at his work, write a note and hide it under his pillow or in his suit/brief case.

Be creative in each of these areas to see how many ways you can love on him.

And finally, our last tickler is  HUMOR– Remember back when you were dating…before children, homes, responsibilities?  I am not sure about you, but I remember laughing with my husband a lot more then.  We were not so darned serious & there is something to be said for that!  God doesn’t intend for us to wade through this life with the person we love so dearly & for it to be total drudgery for us.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice & be glad in it.”(Ps.118:24)

·       Cheer up-

·       Laugh a little or even a lot with your husband. 

·       You will never get this day again-

·       Tomorrow you will be one day closer to going home to be with the Lord

 So don’t waste time on petty issues, arguments & selfishness.  Enjoy the gift of your husband.

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