What Tickles Him?

This is the fun stuff and this list of what tickles our husbands should be  as varied as the personalities of all of them, but I do want to again visit about a few generalities that all men love in their wives:

·       Physical Relationship

·       Shared hobbies

·       Loving him in his love language

·       Humor


SEX- We as women all know how visually stimulated men are and for most men, nothing says “I love you” like sex.  We women, on the other hand, are emotionally stimulated and a lot of the time, nothing says, “I love you” like taking out the trash…or flowers…or kind words…or a sweet note…and the list goes on- so obviously, we are very different from our counterpart.  Sex is often the barometer of our marriage relationship.  God gave us sex to fulfill several things:

·       Pleasure

·       Comfort

·       Prevention of immorality

·       Population


As Linda Dillow points out in her book, Intimate Issues our sexual union with our husbands is also a spiritual representation of the sweet, pure, holy union that God seeks to have with us.  It is a closeness like no other, a union that is intimate & desirable.  It is but a small glimpse of the communication & the union we will experience with God for all of eternity.  No wonder God has made the sexual union such a priority in our marriage relationship.

  • Sex needs to be our priority as Godly wives.


The Number 2 Tickle is that of HOBBIES-  Hobbies are a wonderful way to tickle your husband’s fancy.  Don’t you love it when he shows an interest in something you like?  Doesn’t it just make your day when he actually WANTS to accompany you shopping or on a walk or anything fun that you enjoy?  Well, he loves it too if you find one of his hobbies to be of interest.  Maybe he loves football, basketball or baseball; if so, take time to sit with him-let him explain what you don’t understand-then, share his enthusiasm for that sport.

  • My daughter Holly is such a great example of this.  Her husband loves football season and he really gets in to following the teams.  Holly has done such a great job of learning about that sport, the players, coaches, etc.  She takes an active part in talking and watching the games with him.  That gives them a common interest.

 Try reading up on the latest news about his favorite team and surprise him at dinner that night by bringing up the subject, or plan a date night to that sporting event. 

  • In High school, my husband loved to play baseball and I know he must have really loved me to marry me after the stunt I pulled one time when we were dating and went to visit sister and brother-in-law in Houston.  We went to see the Houston Astros play. I am not sure who they were playing, but after a few hotdogs and ice-cream, etc., baseball gets really boring to me.  Well, there were two old time great players named Willie Mays and Willie McCovey who hit back to back home runs and I slept through both of them.  Dick has never let me live that one down!  By the way, I do stay awake for the whole game when we go now!

If your husband does not have a particular hobby, maybe you can take up a new one together like:

·       Golf or Tennis

·       Photography

·       Gardening

·       Travel

·       Boating/ Fishing

·       Antiquing/ Refinishing furniture

You don’t have to do everything he does and smother him…you don’t even have to love what he does as much as him; but, by liking it & participating in it, you are acting out your love for him in a visible way.  It also makes you more interesting and stimulating to be around when you can carry on good conversations about things he enjoys.  You might, however have a husband like my daughter–in-law Kathleen.  Our son has a number of hobbies (such as: snow skiing-water skiing-boating-hiking-mountain biking-golf-tennis-running-etc.).  Kathleen does such a wonderful job of supporting and following Jake’s lead; trying her best to get involved with whatever hobby he might be in love with at that particular time.  So whatever type husband you have…one of many hobbies…or one of only one hobby…try to find a place to fit with him.

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