This next tick is a crucial issue in most families & usually it is because there never seems to be enough to go around!  FINANCES/MONEY.

 We are all raised differently and the way we have used, spent & saved money in our past is what we carry into our marriages.  This many times requires work to co-ordinate how the money is handled.  But, living within your means is a big area where you can show your husband love.  Continually spending more money than your husband brings home causes him tremendous stress because he will never think you are content or that he can do enough for you.

 In Genesis 1- God gave man the job of working to provide for his family- ( now I am not at all saying a woman should not have a career, but there are other issues that I won’t go into today that you have to deal with if you do work outside the home.)  I have usually held a job outside our home, whether part or full time. However, in most of our cases, our husbands are the ones making most of the money & they work extremely hard to provide this income.  How we respond to that income is a heart issue.  Even little things we say about money puts pressure on our husbands:

 There are times I have found myself saying things like, “I can’t believe how expensive groceries are…or…I just don’t know how to cut my grocery costs…or I just never have enough money to get the cute new clothes or that fun house decoration thingy…etc.”  When I do this, what am I telling my husband?

  1. I am telling him that he does not give me enough money

  2. I am telling him that I need more

We sit down together every December and make out a budget for the next year.  We decide together how our money will be spent.  And, if I agree to that budget, then I need to do my best to stay on it without griping. I do think it is important for our husbands to hear our ideas and views on how the money is spent because we are usually the one out there spending it to run the house.  Many times our ideas are more realistic when it comes to  the actual cost of groceries, cleaning, clothing, etc.  By living within your husband’s income level and by not harassing him about wanting more, you greatly show love & respect to your husband.

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