Faithfulness and Respect

Think back on your wedding day, the dress, the excitement, the flowers, the music, the family and friends.  Wonderful memories flood my mind when I take that walk in my memory.  I so remember the sunlight coming in the stained glass while I repeated my vows. Little did I realize when I innocently stood at the altar and repeated (insert your names):

I Virginia take you Dick to be my wedded husband…” that I was actually making a covenant with God; not a contract with man.  A contract can be broken, but a covenant is made with God and is intended for life.  What you and I actually promised to do when we made that covenant was to be Faithful and to :

    • Do your part
    • To lay down your rights & selfishness
    • To live as 1, not 2
    • To keep  that promise as long as you are both live.
  • When you said “ to love, honor & cherish” you were actually promising:
    • To be loyal
    • To be totally committed
    • To be utterly dependable
  • As you repeated “for better for worse, richer for poorer, in sickness & in health” you were really saying:
    • This labor is hard work
    • This labor is compassionate
    • This labor is sacrificial
    • It means you forgive and receive forgiveness
  • And lastly, when you promised “to forsake all others & keep you only to myself as long as we both shall live” you were saying “ I will love you with a loyal love:
    • A love that never dies
    • The love that Jesus Christ has for us

Ladies, our husband’s want us to remain faithful to our vows…just like we want them to do.

Respect is the last thing I want to visit about in regard to keeping our husbands ticking. Submission, tranquility at home & faithfulness are all very important, but if we do not have respect for our husbands, it is all big show and doesn’t come totally from our hearts.

  • Lack of respect for husbands can be traced way back to the Old Testament:
  • Job’s wife told him to “curse God and & die” instead of supporting him
  • David was married to Michal & as he rejoiced & danced in the streets over the  Ark of the Covenant being returned to Jerusalem, Michal remarked in II Samuel 6:20:

“How the King of Israel distinguished himself today!  He uncovered himself to day in the eyes of his servants’ maids as one of the foolish ones shamelessly uncovers himself.”

Michal did not share David’s joyful worship of God; in fact she was downright disrespectful of David.  If you read the next few verses, it tells you that Michal remained childless throughout her life.  Her disobedience & lack of respect to God and David proved to bring very harsh and lasting circumstances in her life.

  • God calls us to respect our husbands in Ephesians 5:33.  Respect is an attitude which comes from your heart.  Some of the ways we can show respect are to:
      • Speak in private about issues
      • Don’t tear him down publicly
      • Heed his advice
      • Proverbs 12:4 tells us that a “worthy wife is her husband’s joy & crown; the other kind corrodes his strength and tears down everything he does.” ( Living Bible)  We, on the other hand, are called to increase his inner strength as his helper.

We once went to a very formal party and met for a pre-party at another couples home.  We did not know these couples very well and I will never forget the interaction with one of the wives as all listened on.  She was commenting on how nice some of the men’s tuxedos looked and of course we were all nodding in agreement, but then she began talking about her husband’s tuxedo.  She said something like, “Well, and then there is (husband’s name) tux, with his little round belly, he sure loves his Chinese food.”  Talk about a conversation killer!  No one really knew how to respond to that.  I can only imagine this man’s horror as he was totally humiliated in public by his wife.  Inner strength vs. public humiliater.  I know where I desire to fit.

Now that we have him “ticking’ pretty steadily, let’s visit  nest time about What Tick’s Him Off.

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