Opening The Door

My husband has been opening the car door a lot for me lately and I think that is really sweet.  Even when it is so darn cold outside he is opening my door.  I know this is a conscience effort on his part to honor me and to show his love for me.  So, the other day when we were running errands I asked him how he feels he shows love to to others.  It was a really simple answer, not one that I could have answered in such few words.  All he said was, “Through service, words can only go so far!”  I love that and it reminded me that if that is how he shows love, that is also a biggie insight into how he receives love-so a few acts of service are due on my part too.  Since it’s February and since it’s all about love this month, I am going to do a mini series on how to love your husband. Please don’t think I have this huge tremendous knowledge of how to do it right, but after almost 42 years of marriage, I’ve had a lot of practice and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. What I am actually going to do is take a talk I presented to a women’s group in Houston several years ago and cut it into smaller pieces so each read won’t consume too much of your valuable time.  I’ll spread them out over our love month and I really hope you enjoy it and can glean a little from it.

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