My new favorite recipe: Chicken Pot Pie

This will be a short one, friends.  I just want to share my new favorite recipe, since I’ve just put it in the oven.  It’s a super easy one.  Actually, I think most of them are super easy, but for some reason I was never able to make one that tasted good.  I’m speaking of Chicken Pot Pie.  Have you ever made one?  Mine were always runny and just had no flavor.  I was spoiled by Marie Callender’s Pot Pie from the frozen foods section throughout college and my early marriage years!!! 🙂 More

The Palm of my Hand

I recently had a kitchen accident that required a visit to Care Now for five stitches on the palm of my left hand. So now, every time I glance at my palm I see  the new scar.  In time it will fade, but I was recently reminded of how God’s love for me will never fade.  When I look at my palm, I am reminded of a painful experience, but I like to think when Jesus looks at His palms, He not only sees pain, He also sees sacrifice and love…the sacrifice and love He gave to me on the cross.  My sweet daughter recently gave me a wonderful gift as a thank you for keeping her children so she and her husband could get away.  I was delighted that it was More

Balance-Speaking The Gospel To Yourself Daily

2013-11-21 10.21.49Balance. I laugh in the face of balance. And then I kind of start to whimper, and then I kind of start to cry, because I realize… well at least this morning… I feel like I have no balance. Not the kind of balance where it’s like “whoa, I’m going to fall”, but the kind of balance to wear everything in your house and your home and with your life is working in good order and all is okay. Did not feel like that this morning.

I’m on day three of the new job that, by the way, is a great and wonderful. But just the transition to something different like this is hard. I’m trying to get not only the kids to school on time but also have myself ready and walking out the door so that as soon as I drop them off I can go straight to work. That’s kind of hard.

So on the way to work, when I started to feel the tension rising, I tried to remind myself of the Gospel. I tried to speak truth into my own heart and my own mind to combat the lack of balance I was feeling. I reminded myself of God’s goodness and grace to always care for me in every situation I’m in. I reminded myself of Matthew 6, where Jesus is talking about the lilies of the field, and how God knows every detail of their life and their beauty. I was able to remind myself that He knows and feels the same for me. That He knows how I feel that He knows what I’m going through; that He ordained what I’m going through; that He is with me in this, and that He is for me in this.

In those moments, I was able to verbally reiterate, through prayer, my faith and trust in Him as my Lord and Savior & as the one to whom I commit my life too.

Guys, this is living out the gospel every day. This is speaking the gospel to yourself. This is speaking truth to yourself. This is what I have to do all the time all day long. It’s amazing how my heart and my mind wander so quickly and so easily and I’m not able to focus in on what matters all the time.

So I want to encourage you today, to do the same thing. What are you thinking? What are you doubting? What are you feeling? Are you talking to Jesus about those things? Are you looking in Scripture to find help for where you’re at? These are the things you’ve got to do on a daily regular basis to have our hearts right before him all the time.

Will you do this with me?

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