31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 19: Go Have Fun!

It’s Saturday!!!! YAY!!!  Let’s Just Be Honest: Sometimes I need to remind myself to just go have fun.  Funny isn’t it?  Well, I wanted to remind you to do that today.  Go with your friends or roommates or kids or family and do something fun.  Walk into Party City and try on their fun sunglasses and look at Halloween costumes.


















31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 18: Loneliness in Church


Let’s just be honest: Sometimes we feel lonely in church.  Unfortunately, that’s just a true statement.  Regardless of church size, it’s actually very easy to feel alone in church.  It’s easy to walk in, sit and listen and just get up and walk out without ever really talking to anyone.  Sometimes this is nice.  There’s security in being anonymous.   No one has to really get to know you, learn all about your junk or hurt you.  Sometimes you just don’t even know what to say to someone.  Depending on where you sit you might say hi to some of the same people every week, but you don’t really go deep with them.  That can change, if you want it to.  There are some really very practical things you can do to make your Sunday morning church experience a different one.  Here’s what I do:


31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 17: I Feel Cool

photo-1Let’s just be honest: I feel cool wearing this bracelet.  

Austin is a cool city.  We do cool things like enjoy bats and pull off the world’s best outdoor concert every year.  Did you know that? We do.  It’s called Austin City Limits and this was my 3-day pass bracelet for it.

I’ve taken the bracelet off now; I took it off Sunday night, in fact, after being somewhat sad all day that we didn’t get our day 3 of ACL Weekend. {Day three was flooded out. You can see some pretty amazing pics here.}  We missed Phoenix and Lionel Richie for goodness sakes!!! More

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 16: Halloween

We decorate for almost every seasonal thing or holiday. I just love it.  I got that love for it from my mom, who did the same.  This past weekend we decorated for Halloween.



I always try to involve the kids in the decorating.  They totally love it.  This year {and last} we do a project I found on Pinterest where we take empty, clean milk jugs & draw ghost-type faces on them.  Then I cut the backs out of them so portions of a strand of lights can be stuck in them so they’ll ‘glow’.

Here is a pic of the string of them on our porch.

Last year i did a better job of taking pics of the ‘making’ process … you can see that here.


Either way, I encourage you to find something small and fun that you and your children or family can do together.  It will be a lot of fun.

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 15: Confession

I’m a SAHM.  (I think that’s funny … the first time I ever saw that was on a blog a few years ago and had to google it to know what it meant!).  Or, Stay At Home Mom for those who didn’t know what those letter stood for, like me!  Well, I actually work a part-time job and have since having kids.  Other than working outside the home, I work inside the home.  I enjoy that.  Well, the home part, not all the work part.  One thing that I do over and over that sometimes I just REALLY have no motivation for is cleaning. More

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 14: Influence

Unfortunately, I’m not a writer by nature.  The only thing I am by nature is a sinner.  100% tried and true sinner.  The only thing I am by the work of the Holy Spirit is redeemed.  Totally, supernaturally, a completely different person.  Just because I’m not a writer, doesn’t mean I do not like to write or want to blog.  I enjoy it.  Sometimes I wonder why I do it, ya know, besides because I just enjoy it.  God reminded me the other day that it’s because He might just use this in someone else’s life.  That’s my hope and prayer.  That whatever I do is being used by God to influence other people towards Him.

Why do you do what you do? More

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 13: Worship

Today is Sunday.  It’s a day of corporate worship.  Where we gather together in churches all across the world and worship God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Spirit and Truth.

At least I hope that’s what today is for you.   More

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 12: Friends

We all need friends.  Let’s just be honest: I love friends.  Friends are fun.  Friends hug you.  I love hugs.  Friends are sweet to you.  Friends listen and give of themselves to you.  Good friends are great.  Do you have good friends?  I’ve been blessed over the years with great ones.  I totally see that.  Yet sometimes, friendship can be complicated.  Friends hurt each other.  I’m at the stage in life where *hopefully* we’re being hurt unintentionally.  Here are my tips to being a good friend in these older stages of life:

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 11: I Hate Cable Companies

So we’ve had the same cable company for years.  7 as a matter of fact, since we moved to Austin.  When we first moved in it was really our only choice.  No other one was offered in our neighborhood.  Then another company came into the neighborhood offering their total home DVR’s and wireless receivers and all their glory.  Yes it was appealing, but I’m very big on the bottom line.  I never switched because I had better rates with original company.
Well the time has come and I’m finally switching.  I got an offer that is the same bottom line as what we’ve had for years and I’m happy.  I talked with the lady at my door for an hour and a half to make sure I understood her and the paperwork was all right and all was clear and understood.
The install guy came this week.  He showed up, walked in, asked where the television sets were.  I’m walking him around and showing him where all four televisions are and where all four boxes need to be connected.  That’s where it all went to pot.

31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 10: What?!?! Again!?!

So today is actually day 11 and Let’s Just Be Honest, Day 10 didn’t happen.  I’m actually not really sure why!  I had most of it written that morning, I tweaked it more that evening and then thought I posted it!  HA !  I guess I didn’t either way … it didn’t happen … again!

Maybe I’ll just have one of these ‘it just didn’t happen’ a week.  We’ll see!

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