31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 29: Pumpkins & Messiness!!

We carved Pumpkins today! It was great.

photo 2

I did most of the one for my littlest, because of the knife factor … but he chose the face.  He wanted a scary pumpkin!

photo 3

My oldest did hers all by herself!  It’s awesome, right?!

photo 1

Let’s just be honest: Sometimes the potential for a big mess gives me less of a desire to do something fun.  Because, I know I’m the one doing most of the cleaning up and y’all … I DO THAT ALL THE TIME!  Sometimes I find myself avoiding doing things, mostly fun, creative things because of a potential mess.  Tonight I embraced it.  Here are 2 tips I use/tell myself to help in that process:

Tip #1: to help you embrace the fun (and subsequent mess) for the sake of the kids: Large black lawn and leaf bags. They are my friend.  I put them down under numerous projects we do and then just roll them up nice where nothing spills out and then just pitch them when we’re done.

Tip #2: Stop the pity party.  You’re probably not REALLY the only one cleaning everything up (unless your child is an infant and literally can’t do anything on their own) and even if you are … who cares?  Cleaning up is a part of life.  I’m always cleaning up after myself, I’ve learned to do it over the years, I can’t just walk around not ever doing that.  And, you’re teaching your children to do that as well.

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