31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 20: Apple Cider

Let’s just be honest: Autumn is my favorite season.  Yes, winter has christmas and spring is when I was born and summer is full of fun, beaches and sunshine, but there is something about Autumn.  The reprieve in heat, the cooling off, the changing of the leaves (that I get to look at in magazines because here in Austin things just go from green to brown!).  We got chilly this past week.  Low of 52 one night and high of 59 the next day.  It was great!!!  So we made apple cider.  It was super easy.  Have you ever done it this way?First start off with some of this:

photo 1










Then add a package of this: (I added a whole package and it’s too spicy for my youngest; he’s pretty sensitive to hot stuff.  All the rest of us loved it!)







Then put it all in a big pot and heat it up slowly.  The Red Hots will melt and stick to the bottom of the pan, but I kept stirring mine occasionally and they unstuck and all melted into the juice.  

photo 3










I ended up pouring it back into the original apple juice container and that’s how I’m storing it in the refrigerator.  It worked out great!

Now go make yourself some: It’s awesome!

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