31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 11: I Hate Cable Companies

So we’ve had the same cable company for years.  7 as a matter of fact, since we moved to Austin.  When we first moved in it was really our only choice.  No other one was offered in our neighborhood.  Then another company came into the neighborhood offering their total home DVR’s and wireless receivers and all their glory.  Yes it was appealing, but I’m very big on the bottom line.  I never switched because I had better rates with original company.
Well the time has come and I’m finally switching.  I got an offer that is the same bottom line as what we’ve had for years and I’m happy.  I talked with the lady at my door for an hour and a half to make sure I understood her and the paperwork was all right and all was clear and understood.
The install guy came this week.  He showed up, walked in, asked where the television sets were.  I’m walking him around and showing him where all four televisions are and where all four boxes need to be connected.  That’s where it all went to pot.
The work order only said ‘two televisions’, but the lady said I’d get a wireless receiver on top of that, which made three.  I thought I was getting four.  Meanwhile he’s just saying ‘no’ a lot and we went back and forth. I thought I was about to cry!!!  I don’t like conflict.  I had worked so hard with the lady at my door for so long to get the deal that would work for us for the price that would work, that included all the services that would work.
It wasn’t working.
I got on the phone with a nice guy in St. Louis who tried to ‘meet and even exceed’ all my expectations {he said at the beginning of the call} and you know what?  He did.  He added what she promised we’d get at no charge … WHAT!?!?  That never happens.  It was awesome.  I was super pleased.
Then I started talking to the technician again who was here doing the install on just the two televisions and said none of that was going to happen.  He basically told me the lady at my door lied to me and manipulated me and sold me something I didn’t want.  He also told me the nice guy from St. Louis on the phone was lying to me and that he wasn’t going to send me what he said he was.  WHAT?!?!?
Let’s Just Be Honest, I hate dealing with cable companies.  They all have their game their running and they’re all trying to make buck off someone like me who hates conflict, but I wasn’t having it.  I was obviously upset and the technician saw that.  I calmed down with a huge deep breath and just started talking to him really nicely and then he got super nice and totally hooked me up with my four boxes and wireless receivers and HD and all the stuff I originally wanted.  I was super pleased with him … so I made him cookies!!!!  I didn’t know what else to do and he’d been so nice.  He’s actually been on the road, from Houston, doing this for four weeks and went on and on about not having anything home cooked in such a long time.  He was nice, He was grateful; I was nice, I was grateful for him making it all work out and now we have cable.  In all four rooms.
Now, let’s just see if the bill comes in the way they said it should!!!!

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