31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 6: Constant Prayer Resource

One of the things I mentioned on Day 3 was the element of prayer and how important it is in the waiting process.  It is an active, highly important part of the process.
I Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray without ceasing”.  Do you do that?  Let’s Just Be Honest: I don’t characterize my spiritual walk as one that is filled with continual, unceasing prayer.  HOW are we to pray without ceasing?  How do we do that?  I think part of it is a training of our hearts and minds.  I just bought a new book that is a 10 week devotional on prayer; it’s called Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore.
The purpose is to help build a habit of prayer.  It includes daily devotionals, a prayer guide to follow daily to incorporate all great elements of prayer (praise, thanksgiving, repentance/confession, requests) and a section to record God’s answers to prayer.  I started it just this week and love it.  I usually journal my prayers, which I love doing.  I just write and get it all out with God and then reframe my mind to truth and sit and listen to Him a while.  How do you meet with Jesus on a regular basis?  Would a book like Whispers of Hope be helpful for building a habit of continual, constant prayer?  Join me, we’ll grow our prayer habit together!

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