31 Days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 3: Waiting Isn’t Passive

The past two posts have been on me waiting on the Lord for some answers to some questions.  Today, I am reminded that waiting is not a passive thing.  Like the whole myth that moms are sitting around watching TV and eating Bon-Bons all day. Or now maybe we more appropriately say sitting around eating Kale Chips and scrolling through Pinterest all day!  But Let’s just be honest.  In the waiting process, I’m not always active.  I easily distract myself with phone calls and getting things done.  It’s all a futile process of me to ignore God.  Spending time with Him is often a reminder of the reality of the fact that I still don’t have what I want from Him: answers.  So I say I’m ‘waiting on the Lord’, but really, I’m being lazy in my relationship with Him and distracting myself with stupid things.

As I reflect on all this, I’m reminded of a few truths when thinking through the fact that waiting on the Lord is a spiritually active process:

1. I Thessalonians 5:17 admonishes us to “Pray without ceasing”.  Wow!  Well, that’s not passive at all, is it?  Doing something without ceasing is a very active, diligent, on-the-alert process.

2. During the waiting process, we are actively fighting sin.   We have to constantly put ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, emotion, hearts, words, actions, etc, etc, etc, through the grid of Truth.  If we have submitted our hearts and lives to Jesus Christ, then our new normal is Truth, i.e. Scripture / the Bible.  We are new creations; the old things have passed away and the new has come.  We have to constantly renew ourselves, our whole selves with TRuth.  Friends, that is an active process.

Are you being active?  How are you being active?  For me, I make sure to spend time reading scripture, praying and meditating (listening to) God.  I try to do it in the mornings because that is just most helpful and beneficial for me, but whatever you do — whenever you do it, it doesn’t matter.   Just do it.

Be active my friends!!!  Don’t wait passively!!!

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