31 days: Let’s Just Be Honest Day 1: Higher

I love music.  Some of my favorite worship music right now is from a band called All Sons and Daughters.  The Lord uses music to speak to me.  The Holy Spirit uses it to draw my heart in … to soften me.  That is a very good thing!  Sometimes I’m surprised by how fast my heart can harden … to love, the world, compassion, God, grace, just to name a few.  I was listening to this song this morning: Called Me Higher.  You have to listen to it.  It’s great.  After listening to it I wrote in my journal.  Let’s just be honest with each other and let me share a part of my journaling this morning.  I was pouring my heart out before the Lord.  I needed to get a lot off my chest.  I typed out 2 pages to Him in a matter of minutes.  Do you ever do that? Just pour your heart out before our Lord?  It is so good.  Sometimes I put it off, because it seem time-consuming and hard and emotional, but it isn’t.  It’s me sitting in His presence and just talking to the best listener in the world.  He comforts me.  He speaks to me in that gentle whisper that 1 Kings 19 talks about.  I love it.  So here it is … the honesty of my heart before Him this morning from my journal:

Your presence affects me.  I sit and wait for you.  I sit and wait for you to speak. For you to move.  ‘You have called me higher’ … into a place that is not just this.  This place IS yours.  This place is what you have for me right now.  This place is good because You use it; because You are here. This place is not void of You.  You will always be here, with me.  ‘I will be Yours for all my life’.  Thank you.  That is truth to hold onto.  I am yours.  For all my life.  So I can sit in this place and be okay.  I can sit here and not just be okay but be active in my faith and relationship with you. 

I want to go where you lead me.  Where ever.  Where ever you want me to go.  I’ll go.  

Whatever.  Whatever you want, I want.  However hard, I can do it, because You’ve got it.  So let’s do it. 

That’s where I ended today.  I’m still sitting here. In this place that He has me, full of questions and wonder.  What’s going on?  What are You doing?  I don’t have answers.  But I do have truth and that is what I hold to.

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