Popsicles I Don’t Have To Say No To All Day

My kids love juice.  I don’t usually buy it because then they just ask for it all day and I have to say no all day and no one likes to live in that cycle!  So I did this the other day …

OJ Pops w: toothpics

It’s just Orange Juice.  100% Fresh, diluted and poured into ice-cube trays.  I let them sit in there for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, then I pulled them out and added the toothpicks.  Then I put them back in the freezer …

OJ Pops in freezer









Next to my bacon.  ummmmm … bacon 🙂

The kids can have more than one and it’s not a big deal.  Of course there’s always asking for me and inevitable sweet responses like ‘let’s wait for tomorrow’ or ‘well you’ve had 50 already, sooooooo’.  🙂 hehe.

Next up … grape ones.

Happy Summer. Happy Popsicle Eating!!

Are you looking upon summer with excitement? or dread?

This is our first full week of summer.  My daughter’s last day of school was last Wednesday.  Monday – Wednesday were just crazy and so were Thursday and Friday, even though school was out!

photo-2Our first full week is upon us.  And you know what?  …. I’m excited!  I really am.

When my daughter finished kindergarten and we went into summer (with my children being 6 and 3) I was nervous, to say the least.  I needed a plan.  What were we going to do? How do I keep them from fighting?  How do I talk to them about their hearts and Jesus all the time? How do I not just ‘waste’ these 2 ½ months?  How do I shop and do laundry and all the house stuff with both of them home again?  I felt as though I’d totally lost my compass!!! Or my marbles!!!! More

Old Memories with young ones

Old Memories with young ones

I use to play UNO all the time as a kid. I played mostly with my grandmother in their Pool Hall while my grandfather and my brother played pool. The memory is vivid. The smell is there. I see the room, the carpet, the pool table, the pool chalk. I hear the sound of the pool balls clanking together and my brother broke them at the beginning of the game. I loved those times. We’d usually all just finished swimming and then we’d go play UNO and pool. It was awesome. I hope I never forget that.


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