I Did My First Spin Class Today

I did my first spin class today.   This may not be a big deal to some; I know some of y’all do spin all the time.  Me, not so much.  Well, actually … never.  In fact, I purposely avoid this class.  It intimidates me!  

Some of the things I tell myself about why I’ve never been to spin:

I’ll be riding a bike for an hour straight.  How boring.  

How does my butt not fall asleep?  

How do I not just fall off  the bike in exhaustion?  

What if I can’t make it a whole hour and have to quit and take the early walk of shame out of there?

With all those thoughts and actual real nerves, I went to the gym.  My sweet spin instructor friend was there to great me with a smile and encouraging words.  And you know what?  I did it!  I did the whole class!!!  Do you want to know why I did it?  I did it because I had the guidance of a great friend.  I did it because I’m trying to get in better shape.  I did it because I’m trying to create an exercise routine that I can take with me for the rest of my life.

“So, how was the class?”, you ask.  Well, I’ll tell you … and I’ll be honest.  It was hard.  It pushed me.  There were tears around about the half-way point.  Seriously.  Real tears.  Then in the end there was a point when I thought I might throw up.  Seriously. Throw up.  I rarely work out that hard.  I wish I always did.  It would be great to look back on every single workout and know I pushed myself and worked out as hard as I could .

But after today, I’m learning new things about myself and working out:

1. Pushing myself is good. Hard, sweaty and good.

2. Sweating {although still gross} feels good to do when I’m working hard.

3. I still turn bright red every time I workout and I’m trying to be okay with that!

4. I cried because I realized how insecure I am about working out.  It’s a place of vulnerability for me.

5. I like that the lights are off during Spin; No one else saw me cry!

6. “My place of uncomfortability in working out needs to become my new comfortable” ~quoted from my spin instructor friend.  This is GREAT for me to hear when working out because I don’t walk around thinking ‘Yes! When I’m most uncomfortable, let’s stay there’.

Today was great.  My workout was great.  I’m still alive and haven’t even had a nap yet! hehe.

My encouragement to you today: Get up and work out at some point.  Hurry!  Before you’re too tired.  And go to a place of uncomfortability and see if you can make it your new comfortable for a while.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gini Craven
    May 23, 2013 @ 13:29:23

    Wow. I’m proud of you. Sounds like it was really hard and I know I couldn’t do it !


  2. Holly Dennis
    May 23, 2013 @ 17:21:06

    Thank you, mom! It was so hard and so good all in one. 🙂


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