I have been following Margaret Feinberg for a short amount of time.  She has written a book called Wonderstruck: Awaken to the nearness of God.  I have enjoyed her blog and today she gave a challenge and I decided to take it.

Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge: Join friends from around the globe who want to experience the wonder of God. Share a photo of something that displays the wonder of God. It may be in the sweet snuggles of your fluffy puppy, the sun peeking over the mountain tops, or in relationships with your friends, spouses, or in-laws. Take a picture. Write a blog post. Share on your Facebook page. Create a Pinterest. Tweet. And each time you do, use the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. We all need to be each other’s eyes and ears and hands when it comes to recognizing and experiencing the wonder of God.

There are so many things that strike me about the wonder of God and how blessed I am.  Ann Voskamp really helped me by challenging me to list 3 gifts daily at the beginning of 2012 and I continue to do this today.  It certainly keeps me focused on how blessed I am and how even in some of the very hard times of life, God blesses me in some way as I walk through the difficulties.  So today, I am posting some pictures of things that I feel show the beauty and wonder of God.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope you will live today looking at His gifts and truly live wonderstruck.

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