The Best Cupcake Ever

I’ve been talking a lot about food lately, haven’t I?  If you know me personally, you’d give a resounding ‘YES!’.  If you read this blog regularly, you’d do the same.  Thank you for enduring these food talks with me.  I’ve been talking about it a lot, because it’s been on my mind a lot.  The New Year came, after a few months of over indulgence, and the hubby and I decided to pull back on our eating.  My waist had been expanding.  It was a good thing, and still is.  Speaking of expanding … I’ve been craving these …

cupcakes 2


These are my favorite cupcakes EVER.  They come from a little shop up the road from me called Lick it, Bite it, or Both.  For the past few years I’ve requested these for my birthday treat.  I know I could get some amazing Austin Criticism here, but for me, they far surpass Hey, Cupcake and Cupprimo. They are simple.  You don’t have to over indulge a cupcake with a million ingredients and toppings for it to be the best cupcake ever.  LIBIOB does this amazingly.  They are FAAAARRRR more moist than any other cupcake I’ve had anywhere here in Austin.

I love food.  I love these cupcakes.  And I love that I get to eat them in less than 1 month on my birthday.  yay!

Where do you find your most favorite cupcakes ever?

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  1. Virginia
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 14:03:38

    I love them too-but I made one at home a while back you will have to try for a back up-really delicious:)


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