Any 2013 Goals or Resolutions?

I gave up on New Year’s Resolutions several years ago.  I just think I don’t like the word, or maybe it’s the fact that I am so disappointed in myself when I don’t accomplish what I set out to accomplish.  I didn’t, however, give up on setting goals for my life each year.  There is something refreshing about a new year and a fresh start don’t you think?  Of course that is something we have everyday in Christ.  I tend to forget that as the year goes on-but great is His faithfulness and His compassion’s are new every morning…  what a comforting thought (Lamentations 3:22-23).

As I set goals for each year, I pray over specific areas of my life and see what God lays on my heart.  I usually set goals in my life for:

  • Spiritual-Where do I need the most work-more reading, more scripture memory, more alone time with God, my church etc.
  • Personal-Physically, socially, mentally, at home, etc.
  • Marriage-What do I need to do to be a better and more supportive wife?
  • Financial-My husband and I come together on this goal to have a mutual goal and focus for the year

My husband and I like to take an afternoon off and go to Starbucks or have a lunch date at a restaurant where we can linger to go over our proposed budget and financial goals for the year.  We also share some of our other goals and desires for our new year.  Vacation plans are usually discussed as well as major home improvements and things like that.  It helps us be on the same page.  We have counseled younger couples to try to get away overnight if they can to do this planning.  Since we are child-free, we have plenty of time and space to plan at home, but we like to get away for this to make it an important event in our lives.  We found out long ago that if Dick makes the budget to his desires and I spend the money to my desires then never the twain shall meet.  Know what I mean?  The wife spends most of the money in a budget so she needs to have input in the planning of that budget since she honestly knows more what groceries, cleaning, clothes, diapers, etc, cost.

This year one of personal goals is to be a better housekeeper.  If you know me or have ever been to my house you might laugh at that goal.  Dick and I are both kind of neat freaks-we like things picked up and fairly clean, so my house is usually “ready for company to drop in”.  But the goal of being a better housekeeper for me was more the “spring cleaning” thing.  I don’t like to deep clean.  I dust, vacuum, clean baths and kitchen sinks just fine, but I do not like to do baseboards, blinds, fans, etc.  I tend to ignore those things until the whole house needs it and then it overwhelms me.  So this year I came up with the idea of dividing my rooms (all of them-halls included) into eleven areas.  I take one room or area each week and deep clean it.  I chose eleven areas so I can take the twelfth week as a week of rest-my reward:).  With this method, I will deep clean each room of my house FOUR times this year.  That is amazing to me because that usually only happens at the most twice a year!

I will let you know how this goes and I hope it is an idea you can try with me to help hold me accountable.  The only problem I see is that it will be easy to put off each week and then I will have several areas staring at me and feel overwhelmed.  This is Friday of the the first week of the year…maybe I better get started:)

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