What is Advent?

Advent is a season of expectant waiting … preparing your heart….100_0612It’s preparing your heart for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.   Some of us grew up celebrating advent, others of us just learned about it in our more recent adulthood.  Some of the churches I went to as a child celebrated it, but I never remember it.  I’ve spent most of my life in bible churches.  Bible churches are big on Jesus, and talk about the importance of his birth and death a lot.  I realize now, whether I ‘celebrate’ advent with wreaths, candles, daily chocolates or whatever, nothing is more true and necessary than talking about how big a deal it is that Jesus actually came into this world as a baby to rescue all of humanity and restore us back into a right relationship with our Creator.

In light of that, I’ve spent some time finding a few things that help me re-orient my heart to my need for Jesus on a daily basis during this Christmas Season.  I use Ann Voskamp’s Jesus Advent Celebration.  If you subscribe to her daily email from her blog, A Holy Experience, you will find a link at the bottom to download it.  I love it; it’s my favorite.  It is a daily reading thing that takes you straight up until December 25th.  It’s also the kind of thing you can get and start in the middle of, so go to her blog right now and sign up for her daily emails and you should get the link tomorrow!!!

I also found these cute printable verses from When you Rise.  It’s the first time I’ve been to this blog.  She wrote a post back in December of 2011 about trying to focus her heart and mind on Jesus this Holiday season.  She has a link at the bottom of her post with some verses from the story of Jesus being born that she put into ‘ornaments’ on paper.  They are super cute.  Just print ’em, cut ’em out and place them in key points around your house!

My mom, the other blogger here at Momandmom.com sent me this, just this weekend and I love it!  Again, it’s from Ann Voskamp, and it’s simple and wonderful and great.  Reminds me of something you can easily put up at work, in the laundry room, or even give to friends in a secret santa gift.

I pray you can do something this Christmas season to re-orient your heart daily to Jesus and what this season is all about.  Remember, I’m in it with you!

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