Good ‘ol Denton, Texas

I grew up in Denton, Texas.  If you’ve been around me long enough … you’ve heard about Denton and you know where it is.  If you’re going north on I-35 towards Oklahoma, you’ll pass through Denton.  I took my children to Denton this summer to show them a bit about my favorite part of town … the Denton Square.  Here is the courthouse:














We went inside the Courthouse to check out the museum.  It was amazing.  My mom and I had a great time teaching the kids about the olden days.  It was great!





Old Ice Cream Maker … I remember my grandparents having one!






Here’s an old sewing machine.  I actually have one of these!  It was my grandmother Craven’s.

And look at this old Stove!






Some of my favorite stores on the Denton Square include The Chestnut Tree (it’s a tea room with fabulous table muffins), Garden Gate, County Seat Antiques.  If you ever visit the square … you must have a scoop of ice cream at Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream or a donut at Denton Square Donuts (their donuts are more pastry-like.  Very delicious!).  Of course the kids loved the candy stores around the square and we all loved Recycled Books, Records, CD’s … Denton’s own local recycled books store.  It’s this huge purple building … you can’t miss it!

I’ve always referred to Denton as a ‘town’.  I’m not sure it’s much of that anymore … maybe it’s more of a city, now.  Although I ran across this while we were visiting the Courthouse.  You tell me, but this seems very much like a small town and not a big city!  (You can see my mom laughing at it in the background!)

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  1. Virginia
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 10:26:54

    Ha Ha LOVE that:)


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