3 Year Anniversary for North Village Chruch

About 3 years ago, my husband and I started North Village Church in Austin, Texas.  Michael says he always had a desire to start a new church.  Most of my desires start and stop with food, rest and play.  Luckily, by God working in me, He gives me desires for the things of Him.  He gives me a desire to know Him.  To change and be different for Him.  To not just pursue my own pleasures, but the pleasures of Him. That really is supernatural, folks.

Well, about 5 years ago, the Lord brought Michael and I’s hearts together in this area and we started down the road of planting a church.

And, y’all … it has been awesome.  (I won’t go into all the details here on this post, but trust me … it’s been awesome.)

Today, we celebrated 3 years as North Village Church.  Just like most relationships and marriages, we celebrate our anniversary.  We celebrate every year.  It’s a good thing.  To look back and remember all He has done and to celebrate, in hope and in trust, all He will continue to do in us, His church, His city.

When we were in our church planting preparation year, when we were gathering our core team and meeting in our home, before we publicly launched North Village Church, I found a scripture that I still cling on to.  You see, Moses (one of those old guys, way back in the old testament) had sung a song to the people of Israel.  It was a song he left them with soon before he died.  In verse 12 of Chapter 32 of Deuteronomy, Moses says of Jacob:

“The Lord alone guided him,
And there was no foreign god with him.”

Over the past 5 years, that has been my urgent prayer.

For myself, my husband, my marriage, my children … that the Lord Alone would guide us.  That we could place Him as #1 in our lives and that He would be the only voice in our lives, hearts and minds.

For our church, His people .. that they could surrender and we would all follow … The Lord alone.  That there would be No. Other. Guide in our life.

It’s still my urgent prayer … in all areas of my life.  That the Lord alone would be our guide and that we would not place anything high and lofty above Him.

Would you pray this with me … for yourself … for this next year?

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