Seasons in Marriage

My husband and I watched a romantic comedy a few days ago which sparked a conversation about young, carefree love.  We remembered what it was like, how it felt, the happiness it brought and the freedom of laughter that accompanies it.  We talked a little about trying to go back to that point, to regain some of that spontaneity of young romance.  Even though we just celebrated our 40th anniversary, couldn’t it be possible?  I mean after all, the kids are grown and we still love each other very much.  We put the thought on the shelf, but the next day the topic came up again and we started visiting about all the things that have happened in the past 40 years and how the seasons of marriage actually change us.  Just like in our spiritual life, our marriage is meant to grow, deepen and change the way we are and the way look to others.  We reviewed the seasons of  the honeymoon stage, having babies and growing up as they do and the learning on the job that goes with it, teenagers, careers, losses of businesses- miscarriages,-parents- friends, the seasons of health and the seasons of illness, empty nests, weddings and the season of re-birth with grandchildren.  We look down the road and we see the season of retirement closing in on us, maybe a season of a different freedom in more time to serve, more time to travel, more time to relax.  We haven’t walked this last part yet, but we do know that whatever God gives us, we will walk it together as long as He allows.  So as sad as it seems, we came to the realization that we can never have that young carefree love-we are different people than when we began this journey, and that’s OK.  The memory is a funny thing-it has a way of storing the good times more than the bad times.  I guess that is why we all love happily ever after endings and keep looking for that in our lives.  Our marriage hasn’t been perfect by any means-we still struggle in areas, and going back can never happen, but moving forward through the seasons as a team is very important to us.  We thank God for giving us so many wonderful years together-and we hope we have many more!

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