Homemade Crayons {Summer Crafts}

We’ve been doing a lot of Summer Crafts lately.  I find it less stressful around here if the kiddos can keep their hands busy on crafts and not going all knuckle on each other!  (That’s my 7 year old’s way of saying ‘we’re fighting’!).

We did homemade rainbow crayons and it worked GREAT!

I went to the Dollar Store and picked up 1 box crayons and 1 silicone crayon mold (maybe it’s actually an ice tray, but it worked great!).

We went home and started pealing crayons …


We broke them up in small pieces as we went.  These pieces (below) were too big, actually.  I got out a knife and cutting board to chop them up smaller.


The kids put the crayon bits into the mold …

We baked them up … 225-250 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  Keep a close eye on them and when they are fully melted, pull them out and let them cool.  The Crayons were just a tad warm when I popped them out of the mold.  Then I let them fully cool on a paper towel.  The mold was pretty well shot after we baked up 3 batches of them.  That didn’t bother me though, it was only $1.00!  I just tossed it in the recycling and we moved onto coloring with our new rainbow colors!

This was a great craft and took a bit of time, too, which is nice.  I get a lot of my craft ideas from Pinterest.  Are you on Pinterest? It’s awesome!  Check out my Pinterest Kids Craft Board for more ideas!

Happy Summer Crafting!

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