Seasons in Marriage

My husband and I watched a romantic comedy a few days ago which sparked a conversation about young, carefree love.  We remembered what it was like, how it felt, the happiness it brought and the freedom of laughter that accompanies it.  We talked a little about trying to go back to that point, to regain some of that spontaneity of young romance.  Even though we just celebrated our 40th anniversary, couldn’t it be possible?  More

4th of July Swirly Whirly Pools {Summer Crafts}

My kids are fans of the Jake and The Neverland Pirates show on The Disney Channel.  On some of the shows there is a Swirley-Whirley Pool that the kids just love!  For the 4th, we decided to make our own Swirley-Whirley pools!

This is all I needed to get it done:











All I did was cut a bunch of the stars off.  The kids stuffed them into the bottles; we added water, reattached the lids and viola! A Swirley-Whirley Pool! 🙂









The Swirley-Whriley Pools are on the ends … The others are shakers we made with colored rice and the rest of the star streamers.  I’ll get into the colored rice on another post next week!

Happy 4th Everyone!!!

Homemade Crayons {Summer Crafts}

We’ve been doing a lot of Summer Crafts lately.  I find it less stressful around here if the kiddos can keep their hands busy on crafts and not going all knuckle on each other!  (That’s my 7 year old’s way of saying ‘we’re fighting’!).

We did homemade rainbow crayons and it worked GREAT! More

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