I’m replacing my fast with other things … comfort things.

I want food. ‘fun’ food. Not broccoli and veggies and good for me things.  I want coca-cola gummy bears and chips and cereal. I want to bake … chocolate chip cake and lemon whippersnappers, just to eat them. To taste the sweet and the crunchy.

I am full. Physically full, my belly is.  From lunch that took place merely 1 hour ago.

It’s my soul that wants.  My soul that is longing for something.

And I’m filling it. With sweet and crunchy snacks. Snacks that taste good to the tongue and sound nice to the ears going in.

I am fasting. More

When Fear Grips You

Little did I know that when our guest pastor spoke this past Sunday morning that I would be using his message in my own life 2 days later.  He spoke on fear and worry.  Today I got some news that gripped my heart-you know the “what if”…kind of fear.  What if… More

I just want some alone time!

Mark 14:13 says ‘Now when Jesus heard about John, He withdrew from there in a boat to a secluded place by Himself and when the people heard of this, they followed Him on food from the cities.’

Jesus wanted to be alone.

I know that feeling.  Wanting to be alone.  Just wanting some time to myself.  Just wanting to finish a cup of coffee … while it’s still warm. More

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