Rotten Eggs

OK, so there is nothing spiritual about this, but I just found the greatest kitchen tip.  My husband had this craving for some Braum’s ice cream this weekend, so we headed out and while there I decided to pick up some milk and eggs.  If you don’t have a Braum’s in your area-you are really missing out on some great products.  They have really fresh dairy products with no hormones and all the yucky stuff.  It does cost more, but for sure worth the splurge.  I love to buy their milk because it stays fresh so much longer than that in the grocery store.  Anyway, we ran one more errand before going home and needless to say, I forgot to bring in the milk and eggs.  It never entered my mind until the next morning.  YIKES!  I ran out to the car and retrieved the sack, headed to the sink to dump it all, opened the milk and it did not stink.  I couldn’t believe it-now I am sure it will spoil quicker than normal-but I will be able to tell when it goes bad by the smell.  But, what about the eggs?  If the milk is still good, how about the eggs.  I know it is very dangerous to eat old eggs due to food poisoning.  I had no idea how to tell if they were bad or not so I headed straight to Google and I found the coolest video on how to tell how fresh your eggs are.  You just have to watch it, it is short and may come in handy in your future.

You just might need this info this Easter for that one forgotten decorated egg under the couch.  Happy rotten egg hunting:)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Holly Dennis
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 11:14:11

    What a great video and tip!!!! That’s amazing … I had no idea! …

    So … were your eggs bad? 🙂


  2. ginicraven
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 11:17:55

    no-they were great:)


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