Trying to save money & stay on budget in 2012?

Every year, at the first of the year, my husband and I go over our budget, making sure it is accurate, taking away from, adding to, things like that.  For example, our oldest is in 1st grade this year and it just dawned on me that we need to put school supplies in the budget.  And so far, 2 years running, we’ve needed to buy extra supplies for when she runs out of something throughout the year and when she has other projects that require additional supplies.  A new category (budget line) has emerged!BUT every year … without a doubt … I try to stay on budget.  I (try to) write my receipts in excel and make sure I’m not over spending as the year goes on and on.  I get all messed up sometimes (a lot of times) and get off track, but then try to fix it.

Or I’ll be in the store check out line and I’ll want something (that truthfully I probably don’t need) and I’m trying to figure out what category of our budget I can take it out of!!!!  We have our budget set up to where everything has a category … or better said … every penny we spend comes out of a category!  Ideally, we’ve set it up so we’re spending our money in the places we feel called to (and to the places we want to!) as oppose to going into debt and our money spending us. (You know that feeling when you’ve spent money on this and that and then your credit card bill comes in and you’re like ‘where in the world did I spend all this money?! What was I thinking?!)

These things seem to work good for us … but honestly … they are on the back-end of spending.  What do I actually do when I’m in Target, oh beloved Target, and I’m there for nothing amazing, just ‘stuff’ and my bill turns out to be 75.00?  What then?  Well, I realized something the other day that might help with that unnecessary spending.  … it’s revolutionary … you ready for it …

Don’t go to target.


What? No she didn’t!

Yes, I did.

I just said what you think I said.  “Don’t go to target”.  I don’t mean like don’t ever go.  I just mean, go when you need to.  When you really NEED to.  These kinds of trips to stores are not good for me: Going to Target for fun because Target is fun and ‘this’ store is fun and ‘that’ store is fun or going to a store because ‘I wonder what’s on sale here’ and ‘I’ll just run in here real quick pick up this and that”  They aren’t good for be because, in the end, I end up overspending.  Just ‘browsing’ makes me want more and want to spend more and then I’m unhappy with all that I do have and think that I need more. *whew* It’s exhausting.

So it sounds simple … but it’s actually hard!  I’ve stopped going to a lot of places just to browse and look around.  When I go places, I have a list.  I stick to the list.We’re in and we’re out.

It’s good for me.  It’s good for my heart and my wallet.  😉

How do you pull in the purse strings after a long season of spending and buying?  Any budgeting resolutions for 2012?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 'gini
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 14:59:06

    I so agree. Every time I shop for fun I wind up spending money when I didn’t plan too. I think it is hard after Christmas to quit spending because I have been in the habit to spend for a few months prior. I try to limit my spending to the day after Christmas for the supplies they are closing out-especially Target:). Then if I buy more, I try to make sure it is for gifts I need to give in the future or for next Christmas. So, needless to say-I stay home more in January and try to re-group.


  2. Michael Flores
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 15:28:24

    Good stuff! I love Target, and sometimes I go just to walk by all the clearance displays on the end of the aisles. Sometimes you can find some great deals but you can also spend without intention.
    I resolve to spend less, save more, give more, and that involves doing just what you said…tell your money where to go down to the penny, and make lists for what you need.


  3. Michael Dennis
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 17:48:25

    What a wife! Your husband is a lucky man!


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