Are you having fun?

Last night was amazing … we started the evening out at home eating leftovers. Blah, Blah, Blah, as my kids say!  Then, with the creativity of my very amazing husband … it turned into the BEST NIGHT EVER (quoting my daughter!)

A regular leftover dinner taken outside on the deck with music and a fire in the fire-pit did our hearts much good.






(That’s a bowl of chili being kept warm by the fire while steak was being eaten!)


All credit goes to my husband.  I tend to stick to the norm, not rock the boat and lean towards doing the thing that leads to the least amount of mess as possible. My heart was in a good place, so going with the flow was easy :).  Plus, I was surrounded by my favorite people and was in the mood to relax.

The kids wanted to take some  pics …








Dinner turned into S’mores … (I love how he is savoring it with his eyes closed!)








We drug blankets out, one by one, as we got more chilly and more chilly.

Day turned to dusk in our backyard.  We were graced with this …








My heart was full of joy to be with those I love dearly.  I got to rock my 4-year-old baby for good while.  I don’t even have a rocking chair in my house anymore.

… I didn’t even realize I missed it …









Rocking turned into star-gazing and our 7-year-old seeing her first shooting star.  It was awesome!!!!

My point in all this?  Yes, it was a great family time for us … but do you remember the part at the beginning where I was talking about me doing the thing that brings about the least amount of mess … time … clean up … etc.  That’s totally true!  I get tired of the messes and cleaning up the messes and doing the mundane, but it does my heart so, so, so, so, SO much good to let that go.  (I’m not very good at letting things go either!).

Let. It. Go.

Have fun. ENJOY life and my family and my blessings.  I’ll have time to clean the mess tomorrow.

Are you having fun? ENJOYING your family … your husband …. your kids … your blessings? Let’s do that more this next year, okay?

Happy New Year!

What Christmas is all About

If any of you out there want to be the perfect Mom and Christmas hostess but feel like you can’t hit the mark-be encouraged and read this:

Wishing you a very Merry Christ centered Christmas:)

When you disappoint …

I follow this blog; it’s called: A Holy Experience.  It’s great.  She is a great writer.  But even greater … God.  … How He works things.  How He encourages and continues to speak His Truth to me; all the time.

I was in prayer this morning with my husband.  As I spoke honest words to my Lord about how I don’t like letting people down and being wrong and disappointing others …

tears came forth …

flowing gently down my face like a slow steady stream.  I couldn’t stop them.  His grace wrapped me around with my husbands arms.  Just covering me and loving me and accepting my honesty before Him.

This afternoon I read today’s Holy Experience blog post and it hit the heart of what I was praying about.  It hit hard … a wave of encouragement and grace and truth from the mouth of Ann Voskamp’s post.  Here is what she said regarding disappointing:

God appoints people who do disappoint – to point to a God who never disappoints.

I’m the one breaking open…

Appointed to be this mama to these children, this wife to that husband, this daughter, this sister, this church member — appointed to this work, to this home, to this marriage, to this relationship, and it’s not about disappointing as much as Who am I pointing to, Who am I turned to and reaching for and seeking after and walking all of my life towards.

I say it again so my heart can find grace’s beat:

God appoints people who do disappoint – to point to a God who never disappoints.

I don’t get it right – but my words and my actions and my heart can exalt the One Who is Right.


The point: Yes.  I’m going to disappoint.  Often.  And a lot.  No I don’t like it, but that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that when I disappoint, I point hard and fast to the ONE who does not disappoint.  Whether it be speaking that truth to myself or my children or my husband or friends; it’s the gospel and it is good and it will NEVER disappoint.

Christmas Scent

I love when smells remind you of something! Want a smell that will totally make you think ‘Christmas is definitely here!’? Try this one … it is my favorite!!!

Mix orange slices, lemon peels, apple slices, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and water into a small pan and simmer on your stove. Add more water and ingredients as needed.

That’s it! Easy-Peasy

I found it last year from my friend’s blog and used it all December. I just bought the stuff for it today and will start it this week! Enjoy a Christmas smelling house all December long!

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