Got it all together

I am  glad to say I have totally recuperated from my 2 week stint of taking care of Kennedy and Tucker in Austin.  Well, we were actually in Austin about ten days and then we returned to Mammie and gDad’s for the last few days and got to welcome their parents back to the good old USA.  It was a fun time to be able to pour into these two sweet grandchildren for an extended amount of time.  I had prayed that I would not be all about my to-do list and really just spend time showing them God’s love.  It is very hard for me to be a Mary and just sit, I really have that Martha nature.  I got to use both-because all you moms know, or need to remember, is that sitting is not something that happens on a consistent basis with kids in the house.  At any rate, I thought I was doing a pretty good job at stepping back into this mommy-role and handling lunches, baths, meals, laundry, playtime, nap time, school schedules and homework again.  As the days went on I thought I was really getting into the routine of it all and feeling pretty good about myself.  Other than the eye makeup, I left promptly at 7:25 every morning with all of us dressed, breakfast down, lunches in hand, backpacks, etc. to start the school routine.  I discovered that a lot of you younger moms get to take kids to school without makeup on and hair somewhat together, but at the grandparent stage, I might look a bit frightful without some of the makeup being applied:) before leaving the house.  Well about a week into my new found pride over accomplishing in about twice the time of what I used to accomplish about 25 years ago, I was pretty happy about myself as I settled down into bed one night.  Well, doesn’t God warn us that pride comes before a fall?  Early the next morning, I awoke to Kennedy standing over me staring down.  Of course my response was “Oh sweet girl, it is way too early to get up-climb up in bed with me till morning.”  To which she promptly responded, “No it’s not Mammie.”  I grabbed my glasses and looked at the clock- I had slept straight through my alarm and was 30 minutes behind-so up I bounced to start the morning routine.  As we hurried into her classroom I was apologizing to her teacher for our tardiness when she assured me that it was not a big deal since we made it before the bell.  Well, all I know is that as I was walking out the bell rang and they started the pledge of allegiance.  I had to laugh at myself since only a few hours before I had felt so proud of myself.  It is always such a great lesson for God to show me that at any point in my life I can really get full of myself when I let my gaurd down and start depending more on me than on Him.

All in all, it was an awesome 2 weeks of fun memories and some pretty cute pictures too-some highlights:

Kennedy telling me daily how much she loves me

Watching Tucker try to sit down and get up without bending his legs after the boo-boos on his knees

Zilker Park and the train with gDad on the weekend

Introducing the kids to Jello Jigglers (they loved them)

Baking cookies and peanut butter balls with them

Tucker snuggling into bed and telling me how much he loved being at Mammie’s house.

Prayers, hugs and kisses at bedtime

Kennedy snuggling with me


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Holly Dennis
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 17:01:56

    I love it!!!! Thanks for the funny perspective and for doing it!!!!


  2. Jennie
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 11:14:09

    It is sweet to read about your two weeks on mommy duty. You are a brave woman! Our parents certainly could not handle 2 weeks of 6am wake-ups. What a great gift to Holly and her family!


  3. ginicraven
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 13:26:31

    Thanks Jennie,
    I was a little nervous before it started, but just kept reminding myself that God would walk me through and that I did raise 2 kids just fine:)


  4. Christy
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 15:11:56

    How FUN! It’s great to hear about your adventures with them! Thanks for sharing in humility, too. 🙂 What a great reminder that all these little mommy moments are gifts and won’t be the daily routine for very long before these little ones are grown.


  5. ginicraven
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 15:42:30

    If you can keep that thought-you will have a great outlook on all that is to come-love you Christy


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