First Day of School

I’ve been mellow today and I’m trying to figure out why.  I think as a retired teacher, I know what today means to the teacher side of  elementary school  and as a “never retired Mommy”, I know what today means on the childhood learning side of  elementary school.  It is a big day for both.  All the excitement, expectations, new clothes, fresh crayons, new backpacks and of course it is a fresh start to being able to achieve educational dreams.  These things are true of both teachers and students.  As a teacher, I loved to keep a folder on each child and jot down their character strengths throughout the year-how they developed and changed.  As a student I remember falling in love in some way with everyone of my elementary teachers.  They do become a surrogate parent throughout the year to some extent.  And as a Mommy, I loved seeing my children grow, learn, make new friends and love school and all that goes with it.  I cherished being involved in their classrooms and their friendships. I never regret taking time to be with them and pour into their lives. I can truthfully say that I loved every season of their lives.  As a grandmother, I love my five grandchildren so very much.  I do not get to be involved the way their moms do-but then again, I am not supposed to.  I am the support netting under, or over it all.  It is now time to sit back and watch the parade of life before me.  It is a time to listen, to hug, to cry with and to encourage.  I love this time of life too.  I love my daughters and how they love their children, how they pour into them and try to instill in them Godly attributes and healthy habits to live by.

I guess feeling mellow today is simply a reflection on life and all that goes with it.  It has been a good, mellow day.  I have been blessed:)

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  1. Holly Dennis
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 09:38:14

    What a great post! I love hearing your perspective and all you think about! I’m sure as an ex-teacher that it does provide a different feeling to the day/season. Love you!


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