A Thankful Heart

I have been focusing this month on trying to have a heart that is filled more with gratitude and thankfulness to God.  I want to focus on the beauty of what He has made, not on the ugliness of an aging body.  I want to appreciate what I have been given, not what I want. I want to cherish the people He has surrounded me with, not desire more or different friends and family.  I love this video.  It takes 4:30 minutes, but I spent it enjoying the beauty of the pictures and praising God for what He has made.  I hope you enjoy it too.

I read this quote from another blog recently and it so expresses my heart’s desire right now.

“Perhaps the best way to apply the doctrine of God’s goodness is to live a perpetually thankful life (1 Thess. 5:18). In doing so we will honor Him who gave His Son for us — the greatest expression of mercy and kindness the world has ever known.”
~Jonathan Edwards

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