April Fools

OK, so my daughter was an encouragement for me to post again.  I guess we were taking a winter slumber or something the past couple of months:)  So I was thinking, it is APRIL and today is April Fools and that leads to rattlesnake eggs.  Have you ever seen rattlesnake eggs?It was one of my favorite jokes to play on people when I was younger.  My Dad is the one who gave it to me to take to school.  It was simply a long white envelope with the words “Rattlesnake Eggs” written on the front.  Inside was a rubber-band attached to a small piece of wood.  I would wind up the wood piece and the rubber band would tighten and then I placed it carefully back in the envelope.  Next I would go up to someone and ask if they had ever seen Rattlesnake eggs and of course you know the answer to that one…no.  I handed them the envelope and told them to look closely because they are very small.  They would pull the envelope up close to their face, open it, and the piece of wood unwinds very fast and makes a rather loud sound like a rattler going off.  It usually scares the daylights out of you the first time you look at it and hear it:):).  I used to just love it!

Although I am not by nature a big practical joker.  I love it on April Fools Day-I guess it just feels legal on the first of April to use little white lies to make people laugh, or scare them for a moment.  However, I am glad that God is not a practical joker.  I am glad that He is truth and only truth and that I can pick up His Word and know that every word in it is truth and that it will never lie to me, or tease me, or lead me down the wrong path.

So today if you just cannot resist the urge to play an April Fools joke on someone-go ahead, but also say a quick thank you to God for the truth He sends in Jesus Christ.

Well, I am off to the file cabinet to see if I kept my Rattlesnake eggs.  I have some grandchildren that are old enough to learn about April Fool’s Day!

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  1. Holly Dennis
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 17:26:50

    I remember the rattlesnake eggs!!! LOVED that joke! I tried to do it for K that afternoon, but never could get it to work right! You’ll have to remind me how to do it again when you get here … WEDNESDAY!!! yay!


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