Like Daughter, Like Mother?

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The pictures above are just a short 20ish of the over 200 I took during the Christmas season of some fun family memories…The Grinch, presents, baking, swimming, touring, cousins LOVING being together…I hope you enjoy them and I also need to say a big THANKS to Holly for carrying the posting on this blog lately. She rocks!

We had an awesome Christmas holiday with family and our sweet children even took the whole fam to a tour of Cowboy Stadium as a gift to Dick and me.  We are all huge fans and it was so fun to see where our “Boys” play.   As the whole family separated to go to our various homes and duties, thoughts of the New Year began trickling into my brain. When I read Holly’s last post I got so tickled  and decided that God has a real sense of humor in creating us so much alike. As she has had feelings of being out of control of her schedule I was telling my husband that I just feel plain overwhelmed…, it sounded something like this…” I just don’t know how I am going to get through this spring with all I have added to my schedule and now with my Mother being so ill and going from a helper to a full-time care-giver and having grandchildren I want to spend time with and increasing my commitments at church this year and my work load in the office is going to increase drastically…”  You know the story, me,me,me.  What am I going to do?  After going off on him for a while, I remembered some of the things we have been teaching in our MOMs group at church this fall.  Things like, think on truth (Phil.4:8), God’s truth.  Things like He will never leave me or forsake me (Deut. 31:6,8), He will renew my strength(Isaiah 40:31), don’t worry about tomorrow, each day has enough trouble of its own(Matt 6:34) , He will establish my plans (Jer. 29:11 & Prov. 16:3).  You know, those kind of trivial things that God puts in His Word to help us through this journey called life.  It dawned on me as forcefully as if I had walked smack dab into the middle of a brick wall that once again I was trying to take life into my own hands and handle it my own way.  Don’t you think that by now I would have learned that lesson?  I am the first to admit that I am a very repetitive learner, so hopefully this time will be the last time I have to re-live those feelings of…MY LIFE IS OUT OF CONTROL!!, but somehow I think I know that I will be back again to sit at God’s feet and let Him remind me that it is His plan, not mine, and that He will never give me more than I can handle.  I also agree with my daughter that my husband is my umbrella of protection.  Oh how I praise God for giving me a Godly, loving husband, and for giving Holly one and for my son being one to my daughter-in-love, Kathleen.  How blessed am I?  I am so thankful that I can pray for God to give Dick wisdom in how to help and guide me through all the decisions I make and all the commitments I have.  So, as I step into each day of 2011, I will once again place some verses strategically around my home and office to serve as stones of remembrance (Joshua 24).  Remembrance that God is in control, not me.  Do you have any stones you need to place to remember God’s faithfulness?

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  1. Art Baker
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 11:23:26

    Good looking familly! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love you. Art


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