What does 2011 ring in for you?

I’m noticing as of late that 2011 is ringing in a few things for me.  Namely, grey hair.  :(.  I’m only 33, but I’ve lived with this fantasy … ‘what if I was like 40 before I got my first grey hair’. My first grey hair was long ago … but literally, as of the past 2 months, I have a bunch; not that any of you have noticed (and if you have, please don’t tell me!).

2011 is also ringing in a schedule that leaves much to be desired for me.  Since my oldest started Kindergarten, I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  You know the mom … the one that just seems frazzled; no make-up on, smiling-like-nothing’s-wrong while she runs her kid into school late (while the kid shoves breakfast into her mouth before she hits the classroom door).  Well that’s me.  Maybe in reality it’s not that bad, but it feels like it sometimes!  So I’m redoing my schedule this January.  When I do things; the way I do things.  We’ll see what happens.

This is actually really hard for me. More

Christmas Scent

I started a Christmas Scent on my stove top this morning.  It is FABULOUS!!!  I got the recipe from a friend; you can see her recipe and all the amazing christmas traditions she and her husband do with their family here.  It is just orange slices, lemon peel, apple slices, cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg.  You simmer it on the stove top and it’s amazing.  Just add more water and ingredients as needed. 

Can you believe it’s already December 22nd?  My kids couldn’t be happier.  I’ve been praying we s.a.v.o.r. this time with our family.  Michael and I truly desire for it to be a wonderfully relaxing, sweet time with our kids.  I pray the same for you too 😉

Hopeful about today

I’m really hopeful about today.  It’s 8AM and it has already been great.  We’re out of school and that just brings a huge *whew* about us.  We all got to sleep in a bit.  How funny that 6:30 is sleeping in to me!  We’re all still in our p.j.’s … just now eating breakfast.

In enjoying the morning, I realized I am so hopeful about today.   More

Texas Trash

I made my family’s famous Texas Trash yesterday.  It’s a holiday cooking favorite that I’ve grown up with.  It is basically a homemade Chex Mix.  I love this stuff .. and could live on it all holiday season.  I always thought it was a secret recipe that someone our family, way back when, created and it’s been passed down through the generations.  Well, the luster was removed this year when I found out the recipe is the actual Chex Mix recipe that is on their website.  I mean, I change it up a bit, but not much!  I also found out a few years ago that my grandmom’s homemade fudge isn’t an original recipe at all .. it’s the fudge recipe found on the back of the Marshmallow Creme jar (also found here).

It was a weird feeling when I realized these recipes weren’t original to my family (as I’d thought for 30 years), but were the same ones millions of people all over the world were using to bake with. As petty as this seems … I had a perception of reality and now that was totally wrong.  It doesn’t actually matter who invented those recipes.  In my mind, they always were and really are the best and so I continue to use them every year!!!

As you moms and grandmom’s grow older every year … I hope you continue to do your favorite Holiday things.  I hope you enjoy them more and more every year (no matter who invented them!).  Merry Christmas season to all 🙂

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