Stones of Remembrance

Birthday Parties!!  Can I just say that late October and November are like Christmas around our family…We celebrate three of our fabulous five grand-kids birthdays as well as my husbands, my sons and my son-in-laws-WOW.  We spent this past weekend in Austin along with Jake, Kathleen and their three at Holly and Michael’s home.  There was an ENORMOUS birthday party at the park for Kennedy (6) and Tucker (3).  After cooking briskets, buying cakes, blowing up balloons, making lemonade, gathering gifts, setting, up, taking down,we were crazy busy and tired.  It was so much work, but worth it when you consider the memories that are made.  God has granted us the privilege to be at all of our grandchildren’s birthdays from the beginning.  We have been graced to be there when each was born, I even got to be in the delivery room with one of them.  These are moments that we cherish.  But what moments do the children cherish?  What will they remember as traditions and special  family times when they are grown?  It is so fun to reminisce about holidays with family and special traditions. We had one tradition at Thanksgiving that my mother had me and my brother do and then I had my kids do it and now my grand-kids carry it on.  It is silly-a potato turkey, but it is a “stone of remembrance” in my family.  We took a potato and used toothpicks and colored marshmallows  to turn it into a turkey (of course you eat more than you use).  They actually looked more like cows with pastel turkey feathers, but it was fun.  I am sure this tradition began so my Mother would have some free time in the kitchen to get work done for our feast.  Between making potato turkeys and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade we were occupied for a while.  My mother-in-law always had everyone go around the table before the prayer and tell what they were thankful for this past year and hers was always the same, family.  I now know why she said that every year.  I started the tradition of having pull-a-part cake every Thanksgiving morning during the parade and my children still carry that on.  Another stone I remember is that on Christmas Eve we always got to open a special gift.  that gift always turned out to be either pj’s or a robe or house shoes.  It was something needed and something special we got to wear on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought us.  I continued that with my kids and now I buy all the grand kids matching pj’s for Christmas.  Of course Easter always had the traditional dying of eggs and hunting them after the Easter Bunny hid them.  Then of course the eggs turned up on the table at lunch as deviled eggs (who came up with that name??)   I hope I am around when my fab 5  are grown so I can hear them tell me which stones were placed that helped them remember special events.  I am sure that one remembrance will be of a daily thing I do. I think it will be the gummie snacks I always have in the short cookie jar on the cabinet-they adore those and I try to never be out of them, it is the first thing they head for every time they are at my house.  I also hope that the spiritual stones of praying & singing together, attending church and someday sharing my testimony will remind them of the faithfulness of our God.  What stones are you placing down to mark important things in your life?

“Each of you heft a stone to your shoulder…so you will have something later to mark the occasion.  When your children ask you, ‘What are these stones to you?’ you’ll say ‘The flow of the Jordan was stopped in front of the Chest of the Covenant of God as it crossed the Jordan-stopped in its tracks.  These stones are a permanent memorial for the People of Israel.’ ” (The Message Joshua 4:5-7)

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  1. Kendra/The Queen of Brussels Sprouts
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 07:12:27

    I have never thought of our traditions in that light. Thanks for the insight.

    I would say our Christmas Eve bon fire is a big one for us. We look forward to it more than Christmas day, and there are no presents 😉 Maybe it is the food…lots of fun, no good for you food! But, we invite all our friends and family, we sing carols, one of the children will read the Christmas story, and we just enjoy eachother. When hubby asks (every year) which time I would rather he makes sure he has off (he works in a hospital, and can’t avoid holidays), I always ask that he is here for Christmas Eve.


    • 'gini
      Nov 05, 2010 @ 09:30:52

      Kendra, I love that tradition-it sounds very fun and heart-warming to get away from all the gifts (although I do loooove gifts:):)


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