God’s Promises

I love the following quote by Jerry Bridges, it is a reminder of why relying on God’s truth is so important in fighting the daily battles of life.

“Here’s a principle to keep in mind: The promises of god are as real as the circumstances you are in. Your circumstances say “God has forgotten you.” Your circumstances say, “I look for God, and just when I need God to come through for me, God doesn’t seem to be any place.” That’s what your circumstances say. The promise of God says, “I will not leave you. I will never forsake you.” And that promise is just as real as the circumstances you are in. And so by faith, we look beyond our circumstances and we look to the promises of God.”

Be encouraged by His faithfulness:)

Pumpkins on my Mantel

So … it all started last Tuesday.  I was sitting at my desk in my preschool classroom and it hit me.  It’s November! IT’S NOVEMBER!!! Oh my gosh, it’s already here!  *gasp*  That explains the excitement in my heart that just keeps growing and growing!!!  I love, I mean absolutely LOVE …


Stones of Remembrance

Birthday Parties!!  Can I just say that late October and November are like Christmas around our family…We celebrate three of our fabulous five grand-kids birthdays as well as my husbands, my sons and my son-in-laws-WOW.  We spent this past weekend in Austin along with Jake, Kathleen and their three at Holly and Michael’s home.  There was an ENORMOUS birthday party at the park for Kennedy (6) and Tucker (3).  After cooking briskets, buying cakes, blowing up balloons, making lemonade, gathering gifts, setting, up, taking down, More

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