Busy Seasons of Life

Ever feel overwhelmed?  I am in one of those seasons right now and I just keep reminding myself to take one day at a time-Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has enough trouble of it’s own:):). Do you know what comes right after Halloween?…Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!  I love this busy season of the year, but I do not like feeling overwhelmed.  Thus, I am a perpetual  More

Pumpkin, everything!

I love fall 🙂 … all the fun foods and fall weather (although it was 90 degrees today here in Austin!)  But I’ve been getting all my October /November issue magazines and there are so many great pumpkin things to make.  Today I ran across a Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe that I want to try (although cheesecake scares me a bit because I’ve never made one!)  I wanted to share this recipe with you today …  More

Do You Really Know Him?

If I were to ask you “what is the #1 biggest ‘thing’ in your life?” what would you say?

My answer may sound trite to some, but it’s for real!  The #1 biggest thing in my life is Jesus Christ.  He’s a really big deal to me.  I do believe He is the reason for my mere existence and the only way I can function day-to-day.  All that said … I’m a pretty normal person.  I’m in my mid-30’s … I’m a wife (married 11 years) … a mom of two under six years of age … I work part-time at a neighborhood preschool … and I’m busy doing all the day-to-day things: laundry, dishes, making lunches, dropping of and picking up from school, playdates, lunch dates, coffee dates, an actual date with my husband here and there … *whew*.  So I’m a normal person, who knows and loves Jesus,  but check out what I’ve been thinking on lately … More

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