Annie our new rescue

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Raider, our very loved and pampered Airedale had to go live in “doggie heaven” at the the end of June.  Dick and I both agreed, no dogs for a year.  Well, that year melted into two months:):)  We, well my husband more than me, have always been terrier people.  I have always wanted to get one of those adorable little fru-fru dogs that sit in your lap, rarely bark and just pant happily.  Oh the joy of a dog that you don’t have to More

Facebook is interesting …

Facebook is interesting, right?! I see wall posts and status updates like this all the time:

‘Great time tonight hanging out with longtime friends’

‘You’re such a great friend, thanks for taking time for me today’

‘Loved seeing you today!’

Well, here recently, I saw on Facebook that one person had written something my friend’s wall … it was something like this: ‘We had a great time at dinner with you guys, we’ll have to do it again sometime soon’.  Seems like a normal thing to write on someone else’s wall, right?  Well … More

Comfort Zone

I am so excited to  be stepping out of my comfort zone  this fall and following what I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to do.  Do you find it hard to do that?  I really do since I tend to have a more introverted nature until I get to know someone.  My friends think I am just crazy when I tell them of my shyness in new situations, because after I get to know someone-there really isn’t a shy bone in my body:):)  Although I have found great joy in mentoring young single women, moms and wives for years, I have never More

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