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I celebrated a birthday last week and I officially call August my “birthday month”.  My husband gets a kick out of this-he likes to call it my “birthday week”…silly boy, one week is just not long enough to get it all in.  It takes at least a month to go to all the fun places I love to eat and have lunches with several friends and buy fun things I see on sale and  just celebrate my life all month.  I guess I am a kid at heart, because every birthday I have, I wake up a little giddy and excited.  My family knows how much I love celebrating “on the day” of any big event and they try to accommodate me, but that just gets harder to do as families grow and move around and get busy lives.  I have begged the Lord over the years to help me be flexible in this area…and I do a lot better than I used to, but I must admit  I still love celebrating on the official day:):)  Holly called me several times on my birthday to see how I was doing-love that girl, raised her well:):) and I had a friend take me to lunch and I got my “birthday haircut”, and Dick took me out to eat that night.    My Mother and my kids who live in town were over for a birthday dinner the weekend before and my husband, better known as gDad, took 2 of my grandsons to the local bakery to pick me out a cake-so fun.  Holly and her 2 kids drove up from Austin the next week and we had a girl party at the local tea room.  My grand daughter Kennedy was delighted, and I was delighted because she was.  We also did lots of swimming, blowing “pool bubbles” and eating ice cream (see the pics of all the fun times).

One special gift my sweetie gave me was a book called “Come to the Table” by Benita Long.   It is a book about food, fellowship and a celebration of God’s bounty.  It is a combination of recipes, gorgeous photos of food and places, scripture and great quotes.  I really love just sitting and looking at it.  I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but even if they aren’t great, I still love this book.  The authors encourage us to enjoy and celebrate, every day the wonderful gifts God gives us and to remember that He calls us to  eat together in those celebrations.  Jesus was a party-er I do believe!!  I just had never sat and thought about all the food, parties and celebrations both in the Old and New Testaments.  Another great thought that was revealed in this book was about being a host/hostess of a meal….” Oftentimes, when we think of a host today, we think of one who entertains guests in his own home at his own expense; a person who presides over any social gathering.  Since all good gifts come from God, consider who may be the real host the next time you are invited to a congregational celebration.”…how fun to be hosted by God.

On my real birthday morning, along with my giddy, happy feelings, I did pause to thank God that He loved me enough to weave me in my Mother’s womb and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).  I also thanked Him that He loved me enough to send Jesus to die just for me so that when I go to Heaven I will get to sit at His table and celebrate everyday, on the day…just like I love to do!  By the way, Happy Birthday to you on your special birthday month:):) hugs

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  1. Kendra/The Queen of Brussels Sprouts
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 13:44:31

    Happy B-day! I think we are a few days apart in the summer fun b-day month of August.


  2. ginicraven
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 13:53:47

    yes, so fun, I was on the 10th…however-I know I have you beat in years:):):):)


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