New School Year, New Schedule

A new school year is upon us.  This year it’s a bit different because I actually have a child in school!! My oldest child started Kindergarten.  🙂  It’s been a fun and exciting time for us all.  A new school year brings upon us a new schedule! Her schedule is pretty set … you know … a set time for getting up in the  morning, to leave the house, to be at school, to pick up from school and to go to bed.  A routine seems to work well for us.  I however, have not really figured out a good new schedule for me… More

Scared of the Dark?

I think all kids get scared  of the dark at some point.  I still feel a little creepy when I wake up from a terrifying dream, don’t you?  If you have children that wake up screaming your name from their fear of the dark or from a bad dream, then you need to read this short blog.  This is an awesome Christian blog that you might want to follow if you don’t already do so.  Check it out HERE.


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I celebrated a birthday last week and I officially call August my “birthday month”.  My husband gets a kick out of this-he likes to call it my “birthday week”…silly boy, one week is just not long enough to get it all in.  It takes at least a month to go to all the fun places I love to eat and have lunches with several friends and buy fun things I see on sale and  just celebrate my life all month.  I guess I am a kid at heart, because every birthday I have, I wake up a little giddy and excited.  My family knows how much I love celebrating “on the day” of any big event and they try to accommodate me, but that just gets harder to do as families grow and move around and get busy lives.  I have begged the Lord over the years to help me be flexible in this area…and I do a lot better than I used to, but I must admit  I still love celebrating on the official day:):)  Holly called me several times on my birthday to see how I was doing-love that girl, raised her well:):) and I had a friend take me to lunch and I got my “birthday haircut”, and Dick took me out to eat that night.    My Mother and my kids who live in town were over for a birthday dinner the weekend before and my husband, better known as gDad, took 2 of my grandsons to the local bakery to pick me out a cake-so fun.  Holly and her 2 kids drove up from Austin the next week and we had a girl party at More

Texas Bar-B-Que

I hard a wonderful Friday! Don’t you love it when your weekend starts off great?  My husband surprised me and took me to Lockhart, Texas (the BBQ Capitol of Texas) where we ate lunch at 3 different bar-b-que restaurants!  We wanted to do a little taste test of our own!  It all started 1 week ago … More


Isn’t it strange how hard it is to be a follower rather than a leader?  I am really talking about in a Christian marriage rather than life in general.    I really think I have come a long way in  this, but I do know how vulnerable I am to taking back control of things-especially in stressful situations.  You see, I just think sometimes I have the better idea:):), or the better timing:):).  My husband and I found out many years ago that when we undergo an extremely stressful situation we tend to have ideas that go north and south.  I am here to tell you that that situation is not conducive to a calm marriage!   I read a quote recently that has kept me thinking about this for a few weeks and just want to share with it with you: More

Go Cowboys!

I’m SO ready for football season!!!  I do have my father to thank for this.  He ALWAYS watched Dallas Cowboys football games on Sundays or Mondays during football season.  It was just a part of how I grew up.  Little did I know that at the same time, my husband was growing up in Irving, Texas … the original home of the Dallas Cowboys.  As a married couple the Cowboys have grown to be a part of our family :).  We watch games together, go to games together, play fantasy football (him much better than me!) and wear our Cowboy gear. As we have added children … they do it all with us!  Some of my most favorite outfits my daughter wears is her Cowboys cheerleader outfit.  We love the Cowboys!!!

So as football season quickly approaches, I gladly bask in the fact that we are going to Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in San Antonio, Texas.  I love that I grew up with the Cowboys as a part of my family, and I’m so glad my kiddos get to do that too!!!

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