Family Vacation-meeting Mickey & Minnie


July 4th was an amazing weekend with Holly and family.  Dick and I were coming off a very hard week of having to put our sweet Airedale, Raider, to sleep.  He truly had been our baby for 9 years.  We bought him after our kids were grown and before God blessed us with our “fab 5” (a.k.a.: grandchildren).  Also, our son, daughter-in-love and 3 kids have been on sabbatical in Florida since the first of May and we dearly miss them.  Sweet Holly invited us down, fully knowing that Kennedy and Tucker would take care of our loneliness!  We went to the Round Rock Express game on the night of the 4th, More

I love free things

Do you know that I love free things?  I mean, who doesn’t?!  No, but seriously, I really, really enjoy getting free things.  Free samples, free magazines, free products to try out.  It’s SO fun going to my mailbox every day and seeing what free samples and products I have received … it literally makes me excited inside!  When I get something, I open it up read all about the product and look it over.  Oh, and there’s also usually a really great coupon in with the product/sample too and that is really fun because I love coupons, too!!!  Today, I got a really great freebie.  Here is how it came:


We’re blogging now!

Hi!  It’s Gini and Holly … we’re sitting on the couch in Holly’s living room, figuring out this blog stuff.  We’re excited to share our life with you.

About a week ago I, Holly  decided I wanted to start blogging.  So I started thinking about what that would look like and how I’d do it.  At the same time (but in Denton, Texas) I, Gini decided I wanted to start blogging, but I was afraid to jump in alone!  So on a weekend visit to see the grandkids, we brought it up with one another and decided to go down this road together.

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A little hard to see … but fireworks over Cinderalla’s Castle at Disney World

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