Kindergarten in 1982

Do you know how much I love Holly’s latest post?  Here she is headed off to her first day of Kindergarten with her brother, Jake heading for the big 2nd grade.  Holly is so my daughter.  The love of school supplies must be inherited.  It was such a treasured tradition every year to take her and Jake to get all the new crayons, pencils, lunch boxes, notebooks!!  Of course when she was little, we didn’t have Wal-Mart and Target…no Office Depot or Staples…but in Denton, there was Voertman’s and some drug and grocery stores that supplied our needs.  For me, the process of buying school supplies helped me transition into a new school year.  I so love being a Mother and I have done my very best to enjoy each season of mothering, and that is one reason that I love Holly’s post.

Seasons are a part of life, and they happen all your life.  Just as I went through the season of sending a five year old to Kindergarten, so Holly must too.  God intends for us to lean on Him during the happy and sad seasons of life.  Genesis 23:1 tells us that Sarah was 127 years old when she died! WOW,  how I would like to pick her brain about the seasons she lived through.  Whether it is us leaving home, or us sending children off, it is a season of leaving.  When Jake & Holly went to school I cried, when Jake turned nine I cried (he was half way to 18 and I didn’t want him to grow up), when Holly went to Texas Tech I cried, when they both married I cried…so there is definitely a season for tears.  There are also seasons of joy and grief, seasons of adding to life and seasons of subtracting, seasons of waiting and seasons of business, seasons of illness and even seasons for certain friendships.

The one thing I have come to understand and rely on is that God is there the whole way.  Even when I look back at my life before Christ, I see His hand guiding me perfectly down the path He wanted me to go.  Seasons weave through our lives like a tapestry, they come and go with no respect to age,wisdom or desire. Both Kennedy and Jacob, her cousin are starting Kindergarten this fall-a new season for them, for their parents and for me as a grandmother.  Time passes so very quickly; I am so glad God remains solid and I can run to him throughout the seasons of  this life.

I couldn’t resist putting this un-happy Indian Princess pic of Holly and her Daddy taken the fall of her Kindergarten year:):)  Makes me smile:):)

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  1. Brooke
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 12:11:45

    Thanks for reminding me that there’s a season for everything. I’m definitely in a season of singleness right now, wondering if I’ll have memories with future children like the ones you have had.


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